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Stipulations Included in Reality Tv Star’s Divorce Decree

Many in Pittsburgh may think that the approval of a divorce settlement signals the end of a couple’s dealings related to the dissolution of their marriage, yet that is hardly the case. A pair may often be asked to continue to work together in the raising of their children or in the payment of spousal support. Stipulations may also be included in a divorce decree related to a couple’s conduct towards each other. While many might assume that once they are divorced they are free to say whatever they want about their ex-spouses, court officials may disagree, and thus require them to act civilly as a condition of their agreement.

Take the case of former reality television star Jack Osbourne. He recently divorced his wife, with whom he has three children. Though the pair said after their initial separation they intended to remain friends, they both made the news shortly thereafter due to an altercation Osbourne had with his now ex-wife’s new boyfriend. The court that oversaw their case mandated in their settlement that they do not post anything negative about each other on social media. It was also ordered that neither authorize any productions or publications detailing their relationship.

When such stipulations are in place, the court may act swiftly to enforce any violations of them. Such enforcement can be either modifying a custody arrangement or ordering the repayment of money exchanged as part of a divorce settlement. Those subject to such stipulations should not only take care to observe them, but also report violations by their former spouses. Having an experienced attorney to rely on may make managing such a scenario much easier.