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Divorce Doesn't Have to Be a Battle

The process of divorce can often create a stressful and emotional environment for everyone involved. That type of environment, when dealt with incorrectly, can cause the process of your divorce to be longer than is needed or is intended. As a result, you may end up having to spend more money on legal representation and court fees as you battle back and forth.

On the other hand, if you can approach the situation in an open and accommodating way, you will find that compromises can be reached more efficiently and money can often be saved instead of wasted on needless legal proceedings. No matter the state of your marriage or the reason behind your divorce, an effective family law attorney can help you and your spouse find a resolution.

With divorce comes the need for a full-service divorce attorney, collaborative attorney, or mediator that can help. If children are involved, it may be necessary to develop comprehensive child support and child custody plans that will prioritize your child's best interests. Additionally, you may seek services to help with spousal support and property division. If you prefer to settle your divorce out of court, a marriage settlement agreement could be the best option for you.

No one wants the process of finalizing a divorce to be difficult or for it to take longer than necessary. Cook Law & Mediation Services offers free consultations, so if you live in Wexford, Franklin Park, or the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, schedule a case evaluation today!


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Honest & Effective Legal Guidance

When life throws at us various challenges and struggles, many people often feel that the result they are searching for can never be found. One guiding light that you can rely on is Cook Law & Mediation Services. From family law, mediation, and collaborative to estate planning, probate, and business law, this legal team has the experience and knowledge you need to find a solution for your legal issues.

Their experience with family law consists of several areas of practice. Amanda and John have extensive insight into making sure your family's best interests remain a top priority — from divorce and child custody proceedings to division of property and marriage settlement agreements.

Creating wills and trusts can be a complex process but can prove to be a vital tool in the long run. Estate planning attorneys Amanda and John can help you create legal documents that allocate your belongings and wealth in the event of your passing. If you choose not to take these steps before you're gone, the process of probate may weigh heavily on your loved ones as they try to grieve.

Your best resource for finding an efficient and customized solution to your legal matters is Cook Law & Mediation Services. With extensive experience handling cases related to mediation, real estate law, and business law in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, you can rely on their legal expertise. Call to schedule a free consultation today!