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What Are the Signs of Infidelity?

In a marriage, trust is of paramount importance. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, your trust in your partner is likely to falter, which can mean the end of your marriage. That is why it is crucial that you get to the bottom of suspicions of infidelity immediately. While they may not apply to all marriages, Psychology Today explains some of the common signs of infidelity.

While it is natural for people to change over time, drastic, sudden changes are often a cause for alarm. For instance, when a spouse suddenly begins dressing better or investing more time and energy in his or her appearance, it could indicate an affair. This is especially true when these renewed efforts occur when your spouse is away from home, such as during work or social obligations that do not involve you. A new interest in working out or grooming can also be a red flag.

Changes may also happen internally. Your partner may start treating you differently than he or she has before. This can involve keeping a distance between you emotionally or even being hostile or critical. You might find that your spouse finds fault with things that were never a problem before and is not shy about voicing these opinions. He or she may also be hesitant to express affection or love to you, which signals a change in emotional intimacy.

Lastly, pay attention to the behavior of your friends and loved ones. They may be privy to information about an affair before you are, and as a result, their behavior might change. People may avoid you out of discomfort, or they may be overly nice out of sympathy. They might also sidestep any talk of you and your spouse, which can be uncomfortable in light of the affair. Figuring out and communicating what is going on with your partner can help you decide what to do next for your relationship.