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Marriage Settlement Agreements

We Can Help You Settle Your Divorce Out Of Court

You are preparing for a divorce, and you are interested in settling it out of court. Settling out of court has the benefit of keeping the terms of your divorce private, giving you more control over the outcome, cutting back on costs, and finalizing matters quickly.

If you are interested in settling your divorce privately, Cook Law & Mediation Services is the firm to help you. Our experienced family law attorneys have created countless marriage settlement agreements for couples in the Pittsburgh area. In negotiations, we prioritize your best interests while striving to maintain cordial relations with your partner. By drafting a legally sound marriage settlement agreement, our lawyers can help you resolve issues such as:

The attorneys at Cook Law & Mediation Services can also help you navigate spousal support, alimony pendente lite, and alimony through the collaborative process or as mediators on your case.

If you and your partner are engaged, we also handle prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. To learn more about these documents, contact us for a free consultation.

Want to Avoid Divorce Court?

Is a Marriage Settlement Agreement Right For Me?

While marriage settlement agreements have numerous advantages, they are not the best option for every couple. Settling with your spouse works best if the two of you are on polite terms and can compromise on difficult issues. If you need a neutral mediator, our attorneys have experience as outside divorce mediators.

However, if you are no longer on good terms, then you may need to consider a traditional divorce trial. If you cannot come to terms on a settlement, Cook Law & Mediation Services can represent you in court.

We Use Our Experience To Get Results

There is no point in going back and forth endlessly in drawn-out negotiations. When we help our clients with their marriage settlement agreements, we keep our eye on results. Our goal is to help you resolve your divorce and get the results you need — quickly, amicably, and cost-efficiently.

We can help you begin drafting your marriage settlement agreement after you schedule your free consultation with our attorneys. To begin, call us or contact us online.