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Firm Overview

Guiding Pennsylvania Families Since 1982

When you and your family encounter a challenging legal matter, you no doubt have a lot of questions. Perhaps you are preparing for a divorce, and you want an idea of how your case will turn out. You might be planning your estate, and are trying to determine the best options for your family’s future. No matter your circumstances, if you need guidance with a family law matter, the team at Cook & Associates can assist you.

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The dedicated attorneys at Cook & Associates have over 60 years’ combined experience serving clients in the Pittsburgh metro with issues, including:

Trustworthy Counsel That Gets Results

At Cook & Associates, we take pride in working with our clients to obtain the results they need. The majority of our cases are settled privately, out of court. We believe that amicable negotiation is usually the best strategy for your legal needs. But when necessary, we will not hesitate to take a case to court.

We Help You Understand What To Expect

As an established law firm, we can provide our clients with realistic expectations of their cases. While everyone’s circumstances are different, we will carefully evaluate your particular situation to tell you what you might encounter. In addition, we take the time to respond to your questions, comments, and concerns promptly.

Discuss Your Case With Our Team. Free Consultations.

Cook & Associates is ready to provide competent legal counsel to you and your family. Schedule a free consultation at our office in McCandless. To make your appointment, contact us by calling 412-837-8389, or send us a message online.