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Three Benefits of Finding a Divorce Lawyer Willing to “Play Nice”

April 9, 2023

Many people believe that they need a “bulldog” attorney who will get them every penny they deserve and then some.  However, people often quickly realize that the most effective and least expensive way to handle a divorce is for the parties and their attorneys to work together to come to a resolution that meets the needs of the entire family.   

What are the benefits of finding a lawyer willing to work with the “other side”? 

1. Money, Money, Money:

Why spend your hard-earned money paying attorneys to litigate every issue of your divorce?  Wouldn’t it be better if you could use that money to put a down payment on your next house or save it up for your kids’ education?  If you can work with your spouse and his or her attorney, you can avoid most of the expenses associated with a divorce.  The parties can exchange documents and information without costly discovery requests, they can share the expenses of such things as costly experts or appraisals, if these services are needed.  And, instead of expensive court appearances, the parties can reach an agreement and never have to step foot in the courtroom. 

2. Preserving Some Semblance of a Relationship: 

A cooperative ongoing relationship between the parties should be a consideration in both the parties and their attorneys’ minds as they go through this process, especially when there are children involved.  Imagine trying to co-parent minor children or to co-exist during a birthday party or wedding when you have aired your dirty laundry in court and accused each other of every terrible thing.  Even for parties without children, you will surely have mutual friends or family members, all of whom would benefit from not having to pick sides. 

3. Time:

When parties cooperate, they can come to an agreement at their own pace.  Many former couples are able to work out an agreement settling all of their outstanding issues in a matter of a week or two weeks.  Then they only need to wait the mandatory 90-day waiting period to finalize the divorce.  On the other hand, if you go through the court, you will have to wait at least one year from the time the parties separated before the law will even allow you to start the divorce process.  And it can sometimes take additional months or even years to wind your way through the court system.   

If you are in the unfortunate position to be facing a divorce and you would like to avoid the money, time, and damage to your family that a normal divorce process takes, please consider interviewing attorneys until you meet one committed to a cooperative divorce process.  There are many attorneys out there willing to help you.