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How to Prepare for Your Divorce in Pittsburgh

Dec. 21, 2018

Divorce rates around the state will spike in January. The first step anyone needs to take when pursuing this action involves submitting paperwork to the proper sources and paying the filing fee.

Divorce can be a lengthy process, so filers need to be ready in the event the case takes a while. People can help their case tremendously by preparing adequately to get through this time all right.

Organize finances

One of the first things a divorcing couple will need to do is get their finances in order. They will need to provide their attorney with their tax return forms, pay stubs and documents showing any debt they hold. They also need to bring any investments they have to the table. Individuals should be transparent with all this information and not try to suppress anything. There are ways to discover these documents, and hiding information, especially when it relates to property division, could backfire.

Focus on the big picture

There are usually hundreds of decisions a couple needs to make in divorce proceedings. These decisions will impact them for years to come. Therefore, they need to focus on the big decisions that will have the greatest impact on their lives. They need to avoid delaying the proceedings over trivial matters that mean nothing in the long run.

Build a support group

While an individual needs to get finances in order, he or she also needs to take steps to safeguard mental health. This involves having a close group of friends a person can talk to when he or she starts feeling down. It is also important to take time away from the court to focus on enjoyable or relaxing activities. With the proper self-care, there are greater likelihood spouses will be more able to keep things in perspective and set aside emotions at the negotiation table and before the judge.