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Stipulations included in reality TV star's divorce decree

Many in Pittsburgh may think that the approval of a divorce settlement signals the end of a couple's dealings related to the dissolution of their marriage, yet that is hardly the case. A pair may often be asked to continue to work together in the raising of their children or in the payment of spousal support. Stipulations may also be included in a divorce decree related to a couple's conduct towards each other. While many might assume that once they are divorced they are free to say whatever they want about their ex-spouses, court officials may disagree, and thus require them to act civilly as a condition of their agreement. 

Divorce during the winter months

There are a lot of different hurdles that you may have to work through during your divorce, and you may have many different things to consider. For example, you might be unsure of how to bring up the topic of divorce with your spouse, or you could be worried about the financial impact of this major decision. Even if you are positive that divorce is necessary, you might wonder how the process will affect your schedule. For example, you might be trying to figure out which time of year would be best. When it comes to divorce during the wintertime, there are various issues you may need to consider.


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