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Stipulations included in reality TV star's divorce decree

Many in Pittsburgh may think that the approval of a divorce settlement signals the end of a couple's dealings related to the dissolution of their marriage, yet that is hardly the case. A pair may often be asked to continue to work together in the raising of their children or in the payment of spousal support. Stipulations may also be included in a divorce decree related to a couple's conduct towards each other. While many might assume that once they are divorced they are free to say whatever they want about their ex-spouses, court officials may disagree, and thus require them to act civilly as a condition of their agreement. 

Take the case of former reality television star Jack Osbourne. He recently divorced his wife, with whom he has three children. Though the pair said after their initial separation they intended to remain friends, they both made the news shortly thereafter due to an altercation Osbourne had with his now ex-wife's new boyfriend. The court that oversaw their case mandated in their settlement that they do not post anything negative about each other on social media. It was also ordered that neither authorize any productions or publications detailing their relationship. 

What is the orphans' court?

The Pennsylvania Orphans' Courts compose a statewide judicial division in which you would handle any probate issues involving a will a loved one left behind. The Allegheny County court also has mandatory jurisdiction over 21 other categories of civil matters you may have.

This broad jurisdiction may make it somewhat difficult for you to understand the behavior of the courts in your case. The good news is that you would only need to focus on the items that apply specifically to you when researching timelines, court procedure and fiduciary requirements.

Key facts about marriage settlement agreements

People do not usually go into marriages expecting them to end. However, many people now view a marriage settlement agreement as a helpful precaution.

A marriage settlement agreement cannot only help a party to protect certain assets, but it can also aid in streamlining the divorce process. There are a few key facts to understand about marriage settlement agreements.

Divorce during the winter months

There are a lot of different hurdles that you may have to work through during your divorce, and you may have many different things to consider. For example, you might be unsure of how to bring up the topic of divorce with your spouse, or you could be worried about the financial impact of this major decision. Even if you are positive that divorce is necessary, you might wonder how the process will affect your schedule. For example, you might be trying to figure out which time of year would be best. When it comes to divorce during the wintertime, there are various issues you may need to consider.

Winter can be a great season for divorce for a number of reasons. For those with children, kids may be occupied by school and it may be easier to separate them from certain divorce-related stressors because they are gone during the day. Moreover, some people may have more free time during the winter, whether they work fewer hours or are not occupied with various outdoor interests that are dependent on better weather. On the other hand, there may be certain drawbacks with filing for a divorce in the winter. For example, some people struggle with seasonal affective disorder and feel less energetic during this season.

Financial challenges and child support

Child support payments can be incredibly difficult for people who are facing financial challenges, whether they were fired unexpectedly or a health crisis has led to financial hardships. Our law office knows how difficult this can make daily life for non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania, and it can be challenging for custodial parents as well when payments are not received. Unfortunately, falling behind on child support can further complicate someone's life, not only in terms of their finances but in many other ways as well. As a result, it is extremely important to go over your options if you are facing these problems or expect to have financial difficulties in the future.

Back child support can result in the threat of arrest, the denial of passport privileges, financial penalties, a damaged reputation and many other consequences. Fortunately, some parents who are unable to pay child support because of struggles they are facing may have certain options on the table. For example, child support modification is one way that parents have been able to stay current on their child support in the midst of significant financial problems. Even if this is not an option for you, you may benefit from setting up a payment plan.

Preparing for the future when your child has special needs

Parents of special needs children typically have a wide range of goals related to their kids’ future. One thing that can have major impacts on the future of such children is whether they get the education, medical, therapy and care services they need, both in childhood and adulthood.

These services can be expensive. Also, individuals with special needs sometimes face income challenges in their adult years. So, among the worries parents of special needs kids may have is whether their children will have the financial resources they need in adulthood.

How to prepare for your divorce in Pittsburgh

Divorce rates around the state will spike in January. The first steps anyone needs to take when pursuing this action involves submitting paperwork to the proper sources and paying the filing fee. 

Divorce can be a lengthy process, so filers need to be ready in the event the case takes a while. People can help their case tremendously by preparing adequately to get through this time all right. 


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